Comprehensive School Management Software

An Intelligent software suite desiged for School owners & Administrators, Teachers, Students and Parents.

Supercharge your school's administration

Everything you need to manage your school effortlessly

With Scoolyn comes freedom. Focus on more important tasks, and let Scoolyn handle the rest.

Easy Administrative Process

We understand how stressful school management can be. Scoolyn is here to help you make the right decisions and unburden your shoulders. Embrace ease and say no to stress.

Detailed & Secure Record Keeping

Keep detailed records of teachers, students, and parents without having to resort to paper. Easily access records anytime while ensuring the highest level of security and protection.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Give your students the best learning experience with Scoolyn’s amazing Learning Management System (LMS) and customizable Computer Based Testing (CBT) features.

Timetable Automation

Automated timetable creation. Customise timetable for different classes with fine-grained constraints. Parents have access to their ward's schedules.

Results Compilations

Automatic compilation of academic records, results and broadsheet. Eliminate errors and the burden of manual calculations. Customise assessment formats and grading system.

Finance & Fees Management

Stay on top of your school’s finances and avoid any loopholes or leakages. Scoolyn helps you monitor defaulters and manage cash flow. Parents can easily make payments online.

For Teachers

Focus on Teaching

Scoolyn helps you with redundant tasks and makes you a better educator.

Attendance Management

Teachers can easily mark students’ attendance and monitor attendance patterns. This feature gives the teachers the opportunity they need to track these students’ attendance habits and take necessary supportive steps when needed.

Result Management

Scoolyn helps teachers generate comprehensive results and performance details of students without having to prepare a manual broadsheet. With this feature, teachers can monitor students' grades and performances, and make well-informed decisions when needed.

Tests & Exams

Set tests and exam questions with ease using Scoolyn's customisable Computer Based Testing (CBT) features.

Lesson Notes & Planners Coming soon

Scoolyn is a great companion for teachers as this feature helps teachers prepare comprehensive, simplified lesson notes and lesson planners with our AI Assistant.

Assignments & Online Assessments Coming soon

Teachers can assign tasks to students from anywhere, students get reminders and the due dates for submission. With Scoolyn assessment feature, Student can elevate their academic journey.

For Students

Improved learning experience for your students

Access to smart tools for improved learning

Tests & Exams

Take tests and exams online. Get access to smart performance insights.

Timetable Access Coming soon

Students can gain insights into what their week, day, or term looks like with the timetable feature of Scoolyn. With this feature, they can always stay prepared and aware of all of school’s activities.

Homework & Assignments Coming soon

Submit your homework, assignments and assessments online.

Online Classes Coming soon

Couldn't make it to School? Not a problem! Take online classes.

For Parents

Partner up for success

Parents can now be involved all the step of the way.

Fees Management

Parents can easily pay fees and generate receipts online without having to visit the school. Parents can go cashless and pay fees through a secure payment gateway. They can also get timely reminders from the school to avoid late payments.

Result & Report Chart

Parents can monitor the academic performance of their children and stay up-to-date. This feature enables them to keep track of their children’s performance and take note of their strengths and weaknesses while working towards making them better.

Attendance Chart

Parents can view their children’s attendance reports and take necessary actions. This feature encourages accountability.

Timetable Access

Parents can gain insight into what their children's week, day, or term looks like with the timetable feature. With this feature, they can always stay prepared and aware of all the school’s activities.

Fees Advance Coming soon

Access to low interest credit for fees payment.