Smart tools for School Management and Digital Learning

Transforming educational experience through technology.

Supercharge your school's administration

Everything you need to manage your school effortlessly

The Scoolyn Portal is a comprehensive school management software that aids efficient school administration.

Easy Administrative Process

We understand how stressful school management can be. Scoolyn is here to help you make the right decisions and unburden your shoulders. Embrace ease and say no to stress.

Detailed & Secure Record Keeping

Keep detailed records of teachers, students, and parents without having to resort to paper. Easily access records anytime while ensuring the highest level of security and protection.

Enhanced Learning Experience

Give your students the best learning experience with Scoolyn’s amazing Learning Management System (LMS) and customizable Computer Based Testing (CBT) features.

Timetable Automation

Automated timetable creation. Customise timetable for different classes with fine-grained constraints. Parents have access to their ward's schedules.

Results Compilations

Automatic compilation of academic records, results and broadsheet. Eliminate errors and the burden of manual calculations. Customise assessment formats and grading system.

Finance & Fees Management

Stay on top of your school’s finances and avoid any loopholes or leakages. Scoolyn helps you monitor defaulters and manage cash flow. Parents can easily make payments online.

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ExamPrep. Your smart assistant for exam preparation.

Access past questions on any subject in WAEC, NECO, UTME, POST-UTME, CAMBRIDGE IGCSE & more.

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Past Questions bank.
Access to over 1,000 questions across various subjects and exams.
Customisable Practice Sessions.
Tailor your practice sessions by selecting specific sections or topics within each subject area.
Performance Analytics.
Detailed performance evaluation. Insights into areas of concentration.
Adaptive Learning.
AI enhanced preparations based on performance evaluations.
Interactive Study Resources.
Supplement practice exams with interactive study materials; videos, tutorials, flashcards, and explanatory notes.
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Learn with Scoolyn

An online learning platform that offers interactive classes led by experienced tutors. With a diverse range of lessons covering all subjects and age groups. Engaging and effective learning experiences for students of all levels.

Sharing Expertise.
Educators can teach courses and share their expertise with a global audience.
Tutoring Service.
Parents can find high-quality tutoring services for their children.
Supplemental Education.
Students of all ages seeking supplemental education and enrichment get access to expert tutors.
App screenshot Learn with Scoolyn