Become a Scoolyn Ambassador

Scoolyn is on a mission to improve learning outcomes and quality of education in k-12 schools. If you'd love to be part of this transformative vision, here is an opportunity for you. You also get to earn commissions while at it! You can earn up to 15% commission for every school you bring onboard the Scoolyn Portal. Got what it takes?

Earn with Scoolyn

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How do I get started as an Ambassador?
Fill this form after which a member of the Sales team will reach out to you.
How long does it take to fully get onboarded as an ambassador?
Once the sales team reaches out to you, it takes between 2-3 business days to get onboarded.
How does the ambassador program work?
Once you are onboarded, you get an ambassador code. This code is used to onboard schools on to the Scoolyn Portal. You will also have access to a dashboard where you manage your ambassador account.
How many schools can I refer?
You can refer as many schools as possible.
What is the minimum amount I can earn on a school?
The minimum amount you can earn when a school is onboarded is 10% commission on the subscription fee. You also get 5% lifetime commission as long as the school remains with Scoolyn